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Offertivo is an offers aggregator that sorts offers according to verticals, location & types

User follows the offers of his/her favorite loyalty programs and receives live push location-based notifications


Offertivo promotes offers to both existing or potential customers

Offers of multiple loyalty programs are listed & sorted according to either popularity or proximity, encouraging higher engagement rates & promoting programs


Offertivo ensures broader reach for the different types of offers of merchants

Location-based messaging is far more effective than normal generic campaigns. Search-by-merchant lists all types of merchant's offers in a non-confusing manner.

Offers Aggregator

Discounts. Cashback. Buy Now, Pay Later. Buy One, Get One. Points Redemption. Offers from all your favorite loyalty programs

Data Privacy

Secuity-by-design that ensures complete anonymity

Social Sharing

Share the word with your loved ones


Geofences around merchants' branches that trigger live push notification whenever user steps into its proximity

Offline Mode

Battery Preservation & data-usage economy

Live Push Notifications

Location-based Offers. Scheduled Offers. Featured Offers. Flash Sales.

What some of our users are saying

Whenever I step into a store, Offertivo makes sure that I'm reminded of my offers. No more missed offers, no need to check multiple websites or applications, no need to ask anyone about offers details. It's all on my mobile in an easy & non-confusing manner.

Salma Taha, Housewife

Our loyalty program got a boost after partnering with Offertivo. Our website is witnessing higher traffic rates that have translated to even higher cards expenditure. Not to mention the new users that have subscribed to our loyalty program.

Mohsen Abaza, Loyalty Manager


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  • • Get limited number of relevant offers sorted out either by popularity or proximity.
  • • Search merchants to get all your relevant offers.



  • • Get unlimited number of relevant offers sorted out either by popularity or proximity.
  • • Search merchants to get all available offers.
  • • Get live push notifications based on your location to remind you of your relevant offers whenever you step into the proximity of a partner merchant.

We are looking for Partners

Offertivo is looking to partner with Banks & Non-Banks that have different types of loyalty programs or special offers.

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